Inspired by the conversation with clients that have read the book and want a personal touch from DocTori2.0 to direct the path to Entrepreneurship. This 3 Hour course will provide you with hands-on strategies for jumping into various industries to learn tools for making money in COVID 19 America. Each course time will include:

  • Hands On Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

  • Review The Proper Business Set-up Structures

  • Instructions for Establishing Business Credit

  • Building Your Business Documents and Contracts

  • Creating Your Daily Business Operations

  • Business Liabilities and Risks

  • Corporate Asset Development

  • Making Revenue in Business


2. Logistics

Limited Seating Available For Each Class

Duration: 3 Hours

Includes: Course Pack, Book, and Private Group Access

Course Document Upload:



About DocTori2.0

Dr. Tori Brown is a multifaceted author, entrepreneur, business developer, and professional strategist. She has spent over 20 years working with emerging and legacy brands in sports, media and entertainment to create business models and strategies that would provide untethered access to non-traditional and traditional sources of funding. Her clients have ranged from professional athletes, entertainers, and record labels, their families, and at-risk communities –all looking to create businesses that need access to start-up capital.